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What does the typical day look like?

A typical day begins with everyone meeting for breakfast and packing their own lunch for the day with food laid out by our cooks. We like to pack to stay out all day but do leave it up to the hunter if they would like to come back to the camp/lodge mid-day. A lot depends on the weather, where you’re at in regards to the camp/truck, activity and location of animals, etc… Some guides like to pack a small cot during the early season for a comfortable mid-day nap out on the mountain! Antelope and deer hunts are often more laid back since you can hunt them all day. You typically don’t have to eat breakfast as early and can usually come back to the lodge for lunch and a little R&R. We hunt until dark then return back to the lodge for Dinner.

What happens after the animal is killed?

After an animal is killed, your guide will either field dress or quarter your animal depending on how we are going to get it out of the field. Although we don’t turn down help from hunters we don’t expect clients to pack meat to get the animal out. All of our guides are trained and expected to cape your animal so you can transport the cape home or to one of our local taxidermists. After the animal is successfully out of the field, we will deliver the meat to our local processer or to our camp to hang if you decide to process at home. We will also deliver the cape and antlers to one our recommended taxidermists if you choose to use them for your trophy.

How much do I tip my guide and cook?

A typical tip for guides is 10-15% of the hunt price and should be based on performance and effort from the guide. We expect our guides to work hard to help provide a once in a lifetime experience and it’s nice for them to be rewarded. They do this job because they love it so hopefully that shows in their performance and effort during your hunt! The cook’s tips are based on performance, taste, and variety of food during your stay and should be left up to the client. Keep in mind the early mornings and late night these guides and cooks put in week in and week out.

What type of animal can I expect to shoot while there?

A lot depends on what type of animal you kill. Your physical condition, ability and willingness to pass on smaller animals, weather during your hunt, etc…. We keep a comprehensive library of photos of all of our clients animals through the years so I highly recommend that clients or prospective clients look through or photo galleries to see what type of animals we consistently kill. We often can’t control what the hunter shoots and we sometimes have a tougher time talking guys out of shooting a specific animal than we do talking them into shooting one. Patience and hard work is key to taking home that trophy of a lifetime! I tell guys that I don’t “guarantee” anything other than you will be hunting in a great area with very low pressure and that we will work very hard!

What is your success rate?

This also depends a lot on the hunters abilities to hike, hunt, and shoot but we are typically 100% shot opportunity on all our hunts both archery and rifle and for all species.

What method of transportation do you use while on the hunt?

We typically use pick-ups to get from camp to where we will be hunting each day. Some hunters will hike out of camp to hunt. We are typically doing a lot of hiking during archery season and out of our tent camp. There is a lot of country that we can glass from a pick-up or near the roads when rifle hunting out of the lodge but we also have areas that we will hike or ride horses into depending on the clients preferences. We don’t use ATV’s to hunt from and seldom use them to pack out animals. We like to practice low pressure tactics to ensure better success and quality throughout the season. Most of our elk are packed out via our backs or horses.

What is your average shot distance?

For rifle, the average shot is roughly 250 yds. Clients are asked to zero their rifles at 200 yds. and be proficient out to 300 yds. Our average archery shot is 20-30yds. I like guys to be proficient out to 40yds and encourage practicing shooting as far as they can with their bow to make the 40yds and under shots seem routine.

Do you offer pick up from the airport?

Because of the location of the lodge and tent camp, our hectic season, and the varying travel plans of our clients; we don’t offer airport pick-up at this time. The best is to drive out to transport meat/trophy home or rent a car from the airport.

How physical is the terrain and the hunt?

We are lucky to have one of the biggest ranches in the nation to hunt and therefore a variety of terrain, so we are able to cater to all. We have deep canyons and steep mountains for the hunter that likes to physically challenge themselves as well as the more forgiving country for those who are less inclined to hike all day. We always encourage you to be in the best shape possible as it only adds to the experience and provides more options if weather is tough or animals are less active while you are here. Regardless, we have success and are able to work as a team to put each hunter with a guide and in areas that they will maximize their abilities.

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