Wyoming is famous for clear skies, soaring mountains, and elk hunting in the cold autumn air. Wagonhound Outfitters has over 300,000 acres of prime wilderness, pristine habitat for a wide assortment of trophy animals, including herds of elk, antelope, and mule deer. We offer first-rate guided elk hunts tailored for archery hunts, rifle hunts, and custom packages for late-season cow hunts.

Archery Elk Hunts

Wagonhound Outfitters is ready to beat the snow when the archery season opens in September. Our guides will lead your group into the backcountry where bull elk can be heard bugling during the rut. To keep your elk hunt memorable, and to keep the herds in prime condition, hunting teams are small, led by our trained guides. You will head out at dawn from the lodge and into the canyons to spend the day stalking your quarry. The guides will field-dress your kill and pack it out for you after the hunt is over.

Rifle Elk Hunts

The breeding season for elk lasts through the fall, long enough for rifle season to begin in October. Rifle bull elk season continues through the third week of November. Snow may be falling by the time you set out from the warm lodge into the canyons, so bring your thermal gear. Experienced hunters will enjoy their trek into the wilderness after the bulls and relish returning to camp for a home cooked western-style meal even more.

Cow hunts and package tours

Late-season cow elk hunts last for three weeks in December. Wagonhound Outfitters runs our cow hunts out of the comfortable West Fork Bunkhouse, with its combination of private-style rooms and dormitory mess hall. Spend a day in the snowy Wyoming mountains on our guided elk hunts, and return in the evening to a hot meal and a night by the fire.

While cow elk hunting, let our knowledgeable guides take you for a waterfowl hunt. Our spacious property contains some of the best waterfowl hunting in the area, and we can arrange a combination package to make your trip to Wyoming as memorable as possible.

Points and Licenses

Wyoming uses a point system for its hunting permits; the point system has changed considerably over the past few years. Wagonhound Outfitters will be glad to assist both in-state and out-of-state hunters in navigating the application process for hunting permits. The resident and non-resident deadlines are different; non-resident applications need to be in by January 31 of the year for elk, while residents have until May 31. If you missed this year, don’t worry! There will be plenty of time to gear up for next season.

Book your elk hunting trip to Wyoming soon. Whether archery or rifle, Wagonhound Outfitters will assist you in finding a trophy to be proud of and making an experience you won’t forget.

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