Enjoy the natural terrain, open skies, and mountain air of Wyoming on an exhilarating guided deer hunt with Wagonhound Outfitters. Nestled in the heart of the Laramie Mountains, the ranch sprawls across 300,000 acres of pure, wooded wilderness. This pristine habitat shelters Wyoming’s diverse wildlife and some of the state’s highest-scoring trophy animals, including mule deer and whitetail deer.

Deer hunting with Wagonhound Outfitters is laid-back but adventurous as our experienced team guides you through superior-quality deer hunts with high success rates. Regardless of your age or skill, we offer exceptional opportunities for you to harvest some of Wyoming’s largest deer and enjoy an unforgettable hunting experience.

Mule Deer Hunting

Archery mule deer hunts

At Wagonhound Outfitters, archery hunting season lasts from September 1 to September 30. We recommend hunting during the first week of September to harvest velvet mule deer.

Our bow-hunt starts at dawn and can run through dusk. Our trained guides will lead you in small groups to track your quarry across the fall-colored, wintry Wyoming landscape.

Our archery mule deer hunt involves spotting, stalking, and shooting your trophy mule deer. We explore food sources or watering holes and hunt out of a ground blind. Offering you a shot at trophy-quality mule deer, we vouch for our highly successful archery hunts.

Rifle mule deer hunts

Our rifle mule deer hunting season lasts from October 15 to October 31. Our guides lead small groups of hunters across the sagebrush foothills of the Rocky Mountains to glass trophy-quality mule deer.

Suitable for hunters of all ages and abilities, our rifle hunts present high shot opportunities with high success rates. During the rut, you can spot mature 4×4 bucks averaging 160″. Our guides will assist you in stalking them within your rifle range and getting your best shot.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Archery whitetail deer hunts

Wagonhound Outfitters’ archery whitetail season lasts from September 1 to September 30. In autumn, whitetail deer continue to visit the food and water sources they use during the summer. This gives us an excellent opportunity to hunt the heaviest whitetails.

Our archery whitetail hunts involve spotting whitetail deer near food and water sources and hunting out of ground blinds. We also use tree stands for a better vantage point. With Wagonhound Outfitters, you can spot up to 100 whitetail deer per day.

Rifle whitetail deer hunts

Our rifle whitetail hunts last from October 15 to November 30, when the whitetail rut reaches its peak. With the clear fields and frosty Wyoming air adding to the adventure, Wagonhound Outfitters offers new and seasoned hunters a great opportunity to hunt trophy bucks.

We use spotting and stalking, ground blinds, or tree stands for whitetail hunting. During the rut, we hail big bucks by rattling or grunting. Per day, you can see approximately 10 to 20 bucks that average 140″ and take a shot at the best ones.

Points and Permits

Wagonhound Outfitters can assist you with your hunting permit. For mule deer and whitetail deer hunting, the deadline for resident and non-resident applications is in May. Deer hunting requires at least one preference point to draw a tag.

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